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Saree function

Saree function Henna for a cute 9 yr old 💕

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful to all my dear friends,family and followers for supporting me, loving me,helping me and cheering me up ...I’m honored and blessed to have you all in my life ❤️ Because of you I’m here ,because of you everyday lights up ..Thanks for being with me🤗 May this holiday season brings love,peace,joy and good health✨ 🍁Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

The Soul

Kindness, happiness and self reliance adds up the charm to inner beauty “The soul” these accessories are just adjunct to it...!! True beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul ❤️

Mural Art

Textured Mural painting on canvas Size: 24”x36”

Henna Portrait

Henna Portrait

The Bean

“THE BEAN “(Cloud Gate) of Chicago MEDIUM: soft pastels and color pencils PAPER: Gray toned SIZE : 3.5”x 8.5”


“REFLECTION” 3D chrome sphere using color pencils and soft pastels.. Inspired by Leonardo pereznieto

Warli Wall Clock

Hand Painted Warli wall clock from scratch (wood ,old frame & cloth )

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