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Artist, Henna Artist & Teacher

Kaushika is a Mix Media & Henna Artist in the greater Kansas City area (USA). Art has been my passion and I have been dabbling with paints since childhood. However, it is only lately around 2015, I started taking my art seriously, what started as a hobby & passion for Art gave birth to  KP Artworks & KP Henna Art . Now,I have managed to enhance my skills and plan on continuing my art passion as a professional artist. So here, I am attempting to showcase my work .

I learned my basic skills of sketching and then self-adapted to enhance my skills with my experience and passion for art. I am still on an exploratory journey of art. I like to work in different subjects with different mediums and techniques such as pencil sketching, carbon powder, charcoal shading, soft dry and oil pastels, pen and ink, oil on a canvas and water colors. However,I mostly enjoy working with soft dry and oil pastels due to its mess free work.

I often paint from photographs and mostly enjoy working with Portraits. I love to experiment with new color combinations and play with light and shadows in all paintings. This in turn gives me a sublime satisfaction, as I believe that depth and composition are two main aspects of a great artwork. I am inspired by anything and everything in this universe. 

As a Henna Artist I have been fascinated by art of Henna. It all started as a childhood hobby applying henna to friends, family & relatives. It was around 2018, I decided to share my love for Henna and started KP Henna Art. 

This is my attempt to keep my love alive for Henna. As an Henna Artist, I’m constantly looking for ways to take my art to the next level whether it be learning figures or by refining my skills. I use only 100% natural organic henna hand made paste. I am committed in providing the best all-around experience for all my clients in creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Thanks for visiting my website by taking out your valuable time. I hope you have as much pleasure looking at my art as I had in creating them.

I would like to receive your valuable feedback / suggestions / comments. reachme@kaushikapanchal.com

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” – Edward Hopper 




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